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We currently have two fundraising projects on the go. The Warehouse Bags for Good and the Entertainment Book. See below for how you can support KapiMana Multiples

Entertainment Book

Support KapiMana Multiples by purchasing an entertainment book

Simply click the link below to purchase your book.

The Warehouse Bags for Good

KapiMana Multiples has once again been successful in our application to partner with The Warehouse Paraparaumu as part of their ‘Bags for Good Neighbourhood’ (Customer Choice) programme for the February to the end of July 2019 period. 

When you shop at The Warehouse Paraparaumu you will be asked if you wish to buy a bag, and you should be given a disc (make sure you ask for one if you don't get given one). You can place the disc into our club’s voting container - the one with our beautiful poster on it.

At the end of July the discs are counted. The more discs / votes we receive, the greater the percentage of the funds our club will receive from the bags for good programme.

So please support us to fundraise for our club by voting for us everytime you go to The Warehouse Paraparaumu. Don't be afraid to ask for a token if one is not offered. For those who do not like using plastic bags, you can opt to donate the 10c but decline the bag.

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