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KapiMana Multiples has been successful in our application to partner with The Warehouse Porirua AND Paraparaumu as part of their 'Bags for Good Neighbourhood' (Customer Choice) programme for the February to July 2017 period.

When you shop at The Warehouse Porirua or Paraparaumu store you will be asked if you wish to buy a bag, and you will be given a disc. You can place the disc into our club’s voting container - the one with our beautiful poster on it.

Please support KapiMana Multiples to fundraise for our club by voting for us every time you go to The Warehouse Porirua OR Paraparaumu. Please share this with your friends and family and encourage them to vote for KapiMana Multiples.

New Zealand Statistics

New Zealanders are only half as busy having babies as they were 40 years ago, but with today's larger population a similar number of babies - nearly 65,000 - were born in 2010. The 63,900 live births registered in 2010 was up 2 percent from the 62,550 in 2009, and the 28,440 registered deaths was down slightly from 28,960 in 2009, according to Statistics New Zealand.

The highest number of births recorded was 65,390 in 1961, when New Zealand's population was just 2.5 million, compared to 4.4 million in 2010.

In 1961 the birth rate reached 4.3 births per woman, nearly twice last year's rate of 2.1. The rate is calculated by how many babies a woman might have over her lifetime, based on the number of births that year. The 54,020 babies in 2002 was the lowest recorded number of births.

The statistics show older women were now having the most babies, compared with their predecessors 40 years ago. Last year women aged 30-34 had 126 births per 1000 women, followed by 109 for those aged 25-29 and 77 for the 20-24 age bracket. In the early 1960s, women aged 20-24 had 265 babies per 1000, followed by 259 for those aged 25-29 and 152 for the 30-34 age bracket.

The median age of New Zealand women giving birth was 30 years, compared with 26 years in the early 1960s.

Other statistics from birth and death registrations indicate that in the December 2010 year:

See the article "Twins, Triplets and More" from the Ministry of Health website.