Useful Links

National Organisation

Multiples NZ

Multiples NZ provides information and support for parents and families of multiple births in New Zealand. There is a club contact list and event information. Phone: 0800 4 TWINS ETC (within New Zealand only).

You can also view the Facebook Group page.

Multiple Birth Clubs

Wellington: Wellington Multiple Birth Club website.

Manawatu: Manawatu Multiple Birth Club website

Christchurch: Christchurch Multiple Birth Club website

International Multiple Birth Associations

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

The Australian Multiple Birth Association Inc, founded in 1974, is a self-help voluntary organisation, concerned with the well-being of multiple birth children and their families in Australia.

Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA)

TAMBA is the UK's only national registered charity providing information and mutual support networks for families of twins, triplets and more, highlighting their unique needs to all involved in their care.

Useful Local Phone Numbers

Our newsletter has a comprehensive list of useful support groups, childcare and home help services available. Listed here are just a few of the main services. If you need specific help, please contact one of our committee members for further information.

Childcare services


Foot Steps is a fully accredited home based early childcare providers, with over 60 teachers throughout New Zealand.

Baby WebNZ

BabyWebNZ is a free New Zealand owned and operated information directory with a range of information and links from childbirth education to finding a midwife.

PORSE Nanny Childcare Network (NZ) Ltd

We partner families for excellence in the education, care and nurturing of young children. Phone: 0800 2 PORSE (0800 276 773) or email .

Support, Information and Products

The Plunket Society

Plunket is New Zealand's leading provider of well child and family health services in New Zealand. It provides a unique mix of a professionally educated workforce working hand-in-hand with volunteers throughout New Zealand.

La Leche League New Zealand

If you plan to breastfeed your babies, you'll want the information and encouragement that La Leche League can provide. Phone (04) 233 1815 for more information, or Paraparaumu: (04) 293 2411.

Parents Inc

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making life better for parents and their children, offering a wide range of programmes to encourage and support parents. These include Hot Tips seminars on parenting and relationships, Toolbox small-group parenting programmes, Attitude high school programmes, resources and publications.


Christchurch-based Mocka specialises in quality wooden baby furniture, including cots, highchairs and change tables.


New Zealand company Whippersnapper provides babies with the warmth and comfort they need when itís cold through a range of NZ made merino wool clothing.


The Baby Centre is a UK based site that has some great info on pregnancy, birth and life. There is also a lot of good info on Multiples.


A website dedicated to supporting parents in New Zealand, with a dedicated page on Twins.

Little Tom

Little Tom is a local company selling clothing for premature babies, as well as other accessories. To qualify for the 10% discount all members need to do is quote their membership number when they order. The 10% discount will apply to all standard prices for people buying more than 1 clothing set at a time.


A website giving information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Oh Baby

This site gives information about pregnancy and birth in New Zealand, with a special page on Twins.

Twins Magazine

The magazine for parents of multiples (USA).

Coffee Group

A New Zealand based site sharing information and ideas on such things as baby names, birth stories, due date calculator, product reviews, find a midwife, fitness, and news relating to parenting. Some great recipes too!

Kids Spot

Kidspot New Zealand is a resource for parents and children to find hundreds of local products and services; including birthday party ideas and supplies, educational products and resources, baby equipment, clothing, nursery supplies, photographers, health specialists, family outings, plus specials and discounts for kids and families.

Baby Sign Language

This site is a collection of free resources created to teach baby sign language, and we hope it will help many parents teach their children. The site has a series of free tutorials, a video dictionary, flash cards that parents can print out at home, and wall charts.

Belly Beyond

Stockists of a wide range of maternity lingerie from Cake Lingerie, HOTmilk, Womama & La Leche League.

Babies NZ

10% off any online order of items (excluding Huggies) not already on special, and free wipes with any order of items that are on special.


Huggies Nappies help provide assistance to multiple birth families by providing a complimentary box of Newborn nappies upon the birth of your babies when you join up with your local multiple birth club.

ClubNUTRICIA Pregnancy & Baby Club

Service for pregnant women and new parents with a substantial range of articles on pregnancy and looking after newborn babies. Includes forums and free one-to-one expert advice via live-chat, freephone or email.

Tommee Tippee

Mainly a product advertising site,but good for checking out products from Tommee Tippee before sending your partner out to buy the essentials when you first get home! Has information on bottle feeding and related products if you are struggling to find relevant information.

Twins and Triplets

An Australian website, produced by David Hay and Pat Preedy provides information, new knowledge and downloadable materials with regard to the educational needs of multiple birth children.

Twinstuff is the web's largest online community for twins, triplets and higher and their families. This site has news, events, facts, articles and online shopping.

The Twins Foundation

The Twins Foundation is an international membership organization and primary research information center on twins and other multiples.

Center for the Study of Multiple Births

The Center for the Study of Multiple Birth is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1977 by identical twins, Louis and Donald Keith.

Post and Ante-Natal Distress Support Group (Wellington) Inc

Are you feeling distressed since the birth of your babies? Are you feeling irritable, crying uncontrollably, finding it difficult to cope? this is an 8 week support/education course with creche provided. All most welcome, no matter where you live. $60 or what you can afford. Phone (04) 471 8164 for more information.


The Triplet Connection

The Triplet Connection is a "Network of Caring and Sharing" for multiple birth families in the US. It provides vital information to families who are expecting triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more, as well as encouragement, resources, and networking opportunities for parents of higher multiples.